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Online Vehicle Ownership Transfer or Car Title Change

How to Perform an Online Car or Motorcycle Title Change or Transfer through a Title Transfer Service

Transferring ownership of a car or motorcycle, or changing the title of a vehicle, has never been more convenient than in today’s digital era. 

Online Vehicle Ownership Transfer or Car Title Change it’s easy, Thanks to online platforms, you can now complete the process of transferring ownership or changing the title of your car, motorcycle, or vehicle without the need to endure lengthy queues or navigate through complex bureaucratic procedures. In this step-by-step guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to execute an online vehicle transfer, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Change Car Title through Online Vehicle Title Transfer Service

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We facilitate the transfer of your vehicle title 100% online, eliminating the need for physical visits, and providing instant results without any unexpected surprises.

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Discover on this blog how to carry out the vehicle transfer process online, or get in touch with us for a detailed explanation.

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Step 1: Selecting an Online Title Transfer Service

In the market, there are numerous online title transfer services available for you to choose from when transferring a car or motorcycle title. Currently, various online services allow you to complete the process of changing the title of a vehicle, without the need to visit an office in person when dealing with the seller.


Online Vehicle Ownership Transfer or Car Title Change


Different Types of Title Transfer Vehicles Services

When it comes to different types of service providers, there are three main categories, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages when considering a title change.

Intermediary Title Transfer Services: These are companies that handle multiple title transfers resulting from various service contracts with local title transfer services. However, these services lack a dedicated title transfer manager, leading to a lack of direct communication with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DGT) and processing agents.

Local Title Transfer Services: In certain regions, there are local title transfer services that can handle title transfers at a regional level, but lack the authorization to facilitate transfers in other regions. As a result, their range of operation is significantly limited.

Online Title Transfer Vehicles Services Specializing in Traffic: These title transfer services primarily focus on facilitating vehicle title changes across all regions of Spain. They have contracts with all tax agencies and can process title transfers across different communities. They are certified managers, ensuring direct communication between the DGT and clients.

Best Online Title Transfer Service for Car or Motorcycle Title Change or Transfer Online with DGT

From our platform, we highly recommend the services of With years of experience, they operate as a traffic title transfer service throughout Spain, utilizing an online approach.

This company combines the best aspects of an in-person process, providing swift advice via WhatsApp, email, or calls at any time, with the convenience of submitting all necessary documents online.

Furthermore, they possess a registered number, enabling them to personally oversee the required transactions with the DGT. In the event of any issues, they offer continuous assistance and solutions.


Comparison of Leading Title Transfer Services for Online Car or Motorcycle Title Change or Transfer

TucambionombrePlataforma de Cambio de NombreGestorías Locales
Asistencia Telefónica✔️✔️
Tienen Gestor✔️✔️
Rapidez✔️Buena en término local
Envío a Domicilio✔️✔️A consultar
Gestión de IncidenciasWhatsapp, Mail, LlamadaMail
Trabajan de manera directa con la DGT✔️
PrecioCompetitivoCompetitivoCaro en algunos casos

We could speak about the Transfer Ownership Vehicles

Step 2: Preparation and Documentation

Likewise, to make a vehicle change online you will need a photograph or scan the following documents, in fact, they are essential:

-Buyer ID on both sides and,

-DNI seller on both sides and,

-Vehicle circulation permit and,

-Technical sheet of the vehicle and,

-Principal. and finally

-Purchase contract

Finally, remember that the documentation to change the name of the car is very important to be up to date.

Clarifications on the documents to transfer the name of a car or motorcycle and its ease.

  • Technical sheet: Document with specific information about the vehicle. This sheet is delivered by the ITV and is green

    Circulation permit: Document with specific information about the vehicle also linked to the DGT headquarters where you will find the different permits that indicate the characteristics with which the vehicle circulates.

    Principal: This document is provided by us, which is why it basically consists of granting the agency the right to represent the seller and buyer before the DGT body.

    Purchase and sale contract: This document is provided by us, it basically consists of filling out this form with the information of the buyer, seller and vehicle and the details of the operation linked to the name change, in fact it is very simple.

Step 3: Document Verification

Once all the documentation is gathered, we must provide it to the agency in the most convenient way, by email with a copy to the selling party, by WhatsApp or in person if they have an office in the location in question.

It is important that all documentation is correctly completed. In most agencies, they are in charge of carrying out a final review

Step 4: Payment of Fees, How much does it cost to make a car or motorcycle name change at the DGT agency online?

Once the documentation is delivered, the agency will proceed to charge you for the management. To calculate this price you have to take into account different things.

The DGT rate is a fixed amount of 55.70 euros, so they will always charge you this amount whether you do it on your own or through an agency.

Some vehicles have ITP, this tax is variable and depends on each model, vehicle, year of registration and the autonomous community where you reside, the agency itself can indicate the price of each vehicle.

Management of the agency, the price charged by an agency is usually between 60 and 80 euros for the management, so the name change can go from 124 to 150 plus the ITP in case you have it.


transferencia vehículo online

Step 5: Provisional delivery and sending the circulation permit document to the address

Once the payment is made, the agency must give you the provisional circulation permit to be able to circulate with the vehicle in a period of 30 days and send you the final document between approximately 10 and 20 days.

Benefits of making the name transfer vehicle online.

    • Convenient Process and Without Lines: The possibility of carrying out all the procedures from the comfort of your home, avoiding the long lines in physical offices.
    • Faster Processing: Online transfers are often processed faster compared to traditional methods.

      Faster communication: Many platforms offer online tools to track the status of your application, keeping you informed in real time.

cambio de nombre coche o moto online

Precautions to correctly choose an agency to change the name of a car or motorcycle online DGT

      • Use Official and Secure Platforms: Make sure you choose a serious online transfer platform that has experience and fraud experiences.
      • Keep your Information Private: Throughout the process, protect your personal and financial information, avoiding sharing it with untrustworthy sources.

        Verify Data Before Submitting: Before submitting the application, carefully verify that all data entered is correct and accurate.

cambio de nombre DGT ONLINE

Comparison with conventional agencies


Use Online agencies offer an optimized process, eliminating long lines and unnecessary trips. On the other hand, traditional agencies may involve delays due to manual procedures.


In general, online agencies tend to be cheaper due to a more efficient cost structure. Traditional ones, on the other hand, may involve additional fees and transportation costs.

Online Vehicle Ownership Transfer or Car Title Change


Online brokerages implement advanced security measures to protect personal and financial information. However, traditional agencies also protect privacy, although there may be inherent risks in handling physical documents.


Convenience is a hallmark of online agencies, allowing users to complete procedures from the comfort of their homes. Traditional agencies may be less convenient due to the need to visit physical offices.

Customer Support

Online agencies offer support by chat, email or phone, ensuring quick responses to queries. Traditional agencies also provide personalized support, although with possible schedule limitations.

Other related procedures

In addition to the change of ownership, there are other related procedures that could be of interest to you. Some of them are listed below

  • Change of name due to change of address: If you have changed your address, you may need to update the vehicle ownership information. This procedure consists of presenting the necessary documents that demonstrate the change of residence.

    Change of name due to change of marital status: In case you have changed your marital status, such as getting married or divorced, it is possible that you must change the name in the ownership of the car. To do this, documents will be required to prove said change.

    Transfer of vehicles in special situations: In some specific cases, such as when sales or legal guardianships are involved, additional procedures may be required for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions about changing the name of a car or motorcycle in an online agency

How much does it cost to change the name of a car?

The cost of changing a car’s name varies depending on different factors, such as the autonomous community in which the procedure is carried out and the type of vehicle. 

Normally, this process entails the payment of administrative fees and property transfer tax. 

To find out the exact cost, it is advisable to check with the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) or access the online platform of Transferencia24, where you can obtain specific information depending on your case.

Can the transfer of ownership vehicle be made online?

.Yes, the change of ownership can be made online through the DGT registry, as long as none of the exceptional cases mentioned above apply. 

This option streamlines the process and allows you to do it comfortably from home. 

However, it is important to check if the vehicle and the process itself meet the requirements to carry out the online transfer.

When should the change of ownership be made?

The change of ownership must be made within 30 days after signing the purchase contract. It is important to comply with this deadline, since delaying it could lead to administrative sanctions. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the new owner to pay the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) corresponding to the transfer of the vehicle.

What documents must be submitted?
Icono de Validado por la comunidad

To change the name of a car, various documents must be presented. Among them are the National Identity Document (DNI) or the Foreign Identification Number (NIE) of the seller and the buyer, as well as the vehicle’s circulation permit. 

In addition, other documents may be required such as the sales contract, the reduced vehicle report, proof of payment of the property transfer tax and any other additional document that the DGT or the corresponding autonomous community may request.

Learn how to make an online vehicle transfer through an agency.

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